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Gingerbread bundles! #wedding #favors

Gingerbread bundles! #wedding #favors

Shortbread!! #christmas #favors #wedding

Shortbread!! #christmas #favors #wedding

Another preview…Pecan shortbread! Check tomorrow for fun Christmas DIY favors!! #wedding #favors

Another preview…Pecan shortbread! Check tomorrow for fun Christmas DIY favors!! #wedding #favors

Another preview…Pecan shortbread! Check tomorrow for fun Christmas DIY favors!! #wedding #favors

Another preview…Pecan shortbread! Check tomorrow for fun Christmas DIY favors!! #wedding #favors

Chocolate chip peppermint cookies…check out tomorrow for more #christmas #favors #wedding

Chocolate chip peppermint cookies…check out tomorrow for more #christmas #favors #wedding

Into the Heartland (Country Style)

We’re venturing into the heartland today for some down home country wedding inspiration! When I think of “country” I’m imagining a fabulously rustic red barn reception venue, decor in the form of trucks and tractors, boots, boots, boots and lots of red!! Though I’m not really sure why red comes to mind, it just seems to work, at least for my inspiration!

So if I was planning my own country wedding, this is exactly what it would look like! Today we have a little bit of everything country, from the reds, to the vehicles, the backdrops and the shoes. Starting from the top, mix and match bridesmaids dresses seem only appropriate for a country hoedown and a rusted red background brings out the mild colors making them country-esque (first photo below)! As I may have already mentioned, boots are a must, and these red boots are amazing (second photo)! Who wouldn’t want to hide those under the dress! From the boots to the wedding car… I mean truck? Yes that’s right, it’s a pick-up truck today, because there’s no need for romantic when you can have country! The groomsmen are going with a khaki and the decor and barn wedding venue keep with the red country theme, both outdoors or indoors work (or a little of both) as long as they evoke the feelings of being in the country! So there you have it, into the heartland we go for one of my favorite wedding themes… the beautiful country!

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Trend Alert: Wedding Favor Bags

If you haven’t already noticed, DIY favors are in! This is a trend that doesn’t seem to be on it’s way out anytime soon because it feels like whenever I look around, cute little favor ideas are being presented in even cuter little bags! Who needs the favors when you have an adorable presentation!

So rightly so, we’re highlighting this fun trend… the wedding favor bag! Wedding favor bags can come in all shapes and sizes but accessorizing them is the fun and very DIY part of it! Once you decide the look that you are going for (baby burlap or brown paper bags), it’s time for the decorations! Add little pieces of your own personality like hearts with the bride and grooms initials, a beautiful scripted “thank you”, a little name tag, pretty lace doilies, or a clothespin and a note. Little touches like this make your favor bags almost (or even more) special than the favors and leave your guests with personalized memories from your big day!

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Bridal Shower Etiquette: The Table Setting

The bridal shower is back on One to Wed, and today we wanted to provide some dainty and ladylike ideas for the bridesmaids planning the shower… for the table setting! So where to begin here? Well bridal showers come in all shapes and sizes (outdoor, indoor, big or small) but one thing that seems to be somewhat universal is the table! Everyone has to eat something right? Well, maybe not actually, but for today, we’ll pretend all the ladies are sitting down for a bite to eat!

I love the idea of a very “girly” table setting, because when after all, will you be sitting with only ladies again! Vases with flowers (aka baby centerpieces), colorful or elegant table runners, and pewter inspire me. I’m of the belief that any combination of these pretty things will produce a magical result, so use bits and pieces of our inspiration and some creativity of your own and it will be the perfect shower for your bride-to-be!

Credits: Something Turquoise, Amy Atlas, Ruffled Blog, Amy Atlas, Style Me Pretty, Pretty Stuff, Pinterest

Destination Florence

Florence, Italy (or Firenze in Italiano) is this magical, mystical gateway to Tuscany…and Tuscany is hands down one of the most scenic places in the world for a wedding. So why Florence and not Tuscany? Well, don’t get me wrong, Florence has a lot going for it too! For the bride-to-be who may not be looking for countryside, Florence is pretty magical itself. From the very famous Basilica di Santa Maria (more commonly just called the Duomo), to the unforgettable Ponte Vecchio - the widely photographed bridge, and of course the cyprus trees in the city and mostly in the distance, Florence can provide a cosmopolitan backdrop for a wedding with it’s numerous churches and cathedrals for the ceremony (everyone can’t have their wedding in the Duomo after all), a fabulous array of world class dining, and many enchanted wedding venues in and around the city. So while you may not be at a traditional Tuscan home in the Chianti Wine region, a city always has so much to offer, and Florence does it just right; a perfect mix of charm and metropolis.. it’s becoming clearer now why a Florence wedding may be just right for you…

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Dress of the Week - Marchesa

Vintage is back and today’s dress pick is vintage amazingness! This dress is like no other that we’ve featured for our dress of the week with its feathers, beaded embroidery, floral organza and beautiful beige color! WOW! In a nutshell, this one is to remember. I have a feeling that I won’t be able to get this dress out of my mind for awhile…

Credits: Pinterest

Off the Beaten Path: Avant-Garde Hats

I absolutely love wedding hats and desperately wish this was a trend that more people across the pond picked up on once upon a time! Steeped in tradition, the wedding hat is customary for some cultures around the world, so why not go all artsy today with the avant-garde hat!

Avant-garde is always one of my favorite off the beaten path ideas because for the gutsy bride this can work so well! While you may not be able to control what your guests are wearing, a hat is a wonderfully fun way to accessorize yours or your bridesmaids dresses! So while avant-garde may be extreme, these hats are meant to inspire our brides-to-be to think outside of the box on the accessory front, finding new ways to invent the traditional wedding hat!

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Fall Wedding Trends

Everyday we’re getting closer to fall which for us in NYC hopefully means cooler weather, and of course the start of a wonderful season of fall weddings! But before the fall really kicks off, we wanted to highlight some unique fall trends that I don’t see much at weddings but are so fun for this season!

Depending on where you’re having your wedding, the fall can be a funny time of the year. At least here in the New York area, fall can be very warm or even downright cold, but unless it’s steaming hot, a fall fur shrug is always the perfect accessory! What I love about shrugs in the fall (first photo) is that they’re unexpected! We all know that once winter rolls around, fur is always the “in” accessory but pulling it off in the fall makes it all the better! Next up, bridal party gifts! I love the two options below (second and forth pictures) for the bridesmaids because they’ve both unique from Etsy sellers which means you won’t find them on too many other bridesmaids! Whether you prefer bracelets or necklaces, we’ve found both, and I love the little leaves giving them a fall look! As for the groomsmen gifts, these slippers and blankets are a fun and cozy gift for the guys (last photo). Our final thoughts on fall trends? This fabulous fall inspired drink bar with yummy fall ciders, and old bay flavored sunflower seed wedding favors! Happy fall!

Credits: Style Me Pretty, Pinterest via Etsy, Pinterest, Etsy, I Love Southern Weddings Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings

Yellow, Yellow, Yellow!

Well there’s nothing better for a bright end of the week than some color palette inspiration for a particularly bright color…(yellow)! Happy Friday! So what do you think about yellow on the wedding front? I kind of think the color yellow is a little bit controversial when it comes to the wedding palette. It certainly isn’t the typical pick, but it sure is fun! And I personally think I’ve sold myself on it with these fabulous photos and lots of yellow color palette inspiration

So while yellow may not be so perfect for any season (I would suggest avoiding winter), for the rest of the year, depending on your choices, it could pass. But I think it’s perfect for summer! A bright palette for a summer wedding! Because yellow is so loud, I like the idea of using it in more unique ways than your traditional wedding colors. What am I talking about you may ask? Well, you can use it for the normal things like the bouquets, heels, cake and bridesmaids dresses (below) but why not use it for other decor and accessories like the invitations before the wedding, the programs on the big day, a lovely background for a few wedding pictures, a ceremony in a little yellow church, or for your signature drink (also below). As usual this is all about picking the right way to incorporate your color palette whether it’s a loud or soft color… and with the right yellow choices, this one can definitely work too!

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To the Cathedral

With all of the new, jazzy places to get married these days… on the beach, at the golf course, in the outdoors, or just in a courthouse, it seems that we’ve been forgetting how incredible it can be to be married in a church. And what’s better than the church? The cathedral!

So if you had your heart set on a non-church ceremony I’m hoping to make the decision a bit harder for you after today! Though we all can’t get married at the most famous cathedrals in the world, there are plenty that you may not even know were there…like these. From Missouri, to New York, Illinois to DC and finally Ohio, these may not be the cathedrals that you’re used to hearing about but they are all perfectly beautiful backdrops for your wedding ceremony!

Credits: Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty, Nakai Photography, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Pinterest via Allori Photography, Detrich Pix